Dennis "Spyda" Chism

Dennis "Spyda" Chism

Founder/ Professional Basketball Trainer

Dennis “Spyda” Chism  grew up in Inglewood, CA then moved to Atlanta, GA where he flourished into an aspiring young adult who graduated from Cedar Grove High School and then attended Andrew College in Cuthbert, GA. While in college Spyda  held the position of combo guard for the junior college, averaging a minimum of 21 points and 7 assists.  He appeared on the AND1 Mixtape Tour scene where he tried out in Los Angeles for the open run in 2003 and was selected to compete for an AND1 endorsement contract.

In 2003, Spyda came in 2nd place on the AND1 Streetball Mixtape Tour.  However, Spyda quickly became known for his scoring and signature dunk where he hangs upside down on the rim like Spiderman in addition to his “Bump & Run” and “Killer Cross”. In 2004, Spyda returned back on the tour, clutching the competition and became the 1st contestant winner as a part of the third season of “Street Ball” on ESPN 1 and 2. He was posted as a tremendous summer highlight because of his dunking ability that year and was selected and presented  with a AND1 jersey in 2004 last game in  Washington, DC by the Mixtape players to become the newest member on the team.

In between tours, Spyda went on to play professionally in the ABA (American Basketball Association) for the Las Vegas Rattlers and the Boston Frenzy, under Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, who is also the father of L.A. Lakers, Kobe Bryant.  While under his authority, Spyda would be mentored into becoming a pro-combo guard.

In the years to come, Spyda would join forces with other streetball companies such as:  Ball4Real, AND1 Live and S.K.Y.  Milestone accomplishments for Spyda would  consist of him clinching sponsorship deals with Gatorade and Sprite on his AND1 int’l  tours, making him the youngest and first African American to have his image on the Gatorade bottles in China.

***S.K.Y., (Serving Knowledge to the Youth)  one of the world’s top professional streetball  teams announced at a press conference in Shanghai, China,  a multi-year partnership with the China  Shemgod  Streetball Company and Chinese sports apparel manufacturer Voit. The S.K.Y.  Streetball Syndicate  is the top professional streetball team and consists of some  of  the best streetball players in the world. The S.K.Y. team announced for the China-based project will be led by one of  the hard-top legends, Spyda.

Today,  Spyda resides in Dallas, Texas.  He is focusing on mentoring kids through Spyda’s World Organization,  and training kids through Spyda’s World Academy.